Mutiny Sfears, the bride of MUTECH
Dr. Darryl Licht, CTO of Mutech Corp

Dr. Darryl E. Licht, Chief Science Officer of Mutech Corp. becomes Mutiny Sfears, the bride of Mutech in a freak accident at Mutech's top secret T and A research facility. Developing the next generation of Black Rock Edition AntiSpectator Tactical Shields with smart tactical image targeting systems, his DNA is assimilated by the genetically enhanced cybernetic BREASTS and Cyberslut is created.

Mutny Sfears, the bride of Mutech, cheerleader from hell, more wholesome than Britney Spears, way cuter than Yoko Ono, thinner than a 16 year old anorexic model, legs all the way to the ground, shake that ass go-go dancer and Mutie.

Mutiiny Sfears, more wholsome than Britney Spears

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