Mutech Corp. releases Black Rock Edition Anti Spectator Tactical Shields.

Mutech's BREASTS

Provides a comprehensive line of tactical image targeting systems and Amazonian support suspension geared towards personal protection and offensive capabilities with a graphical user interface.

El Mirage, CA: Mutech Corporation announces new T & A division following the successful field testing and deployment of it's newest product the Black Rock Edition AntiSpectator Tactical Shield. This release builds on Mutech's successful genetic enhancement line with a whole new look and feel specifically geared for the girls.

Tactical Image Targeting Systems

Johnny Mendex, Mutech's CEO emphasized the new look: We're really pleased with these new BREASTS. They are absolutely stunning. And it presents a whole new image for us.

Amazonian Support Suspension

Dr. Darryl E. Licht, CSO commented on the development: There were a pair kicking around the shop for several years, but frankly we weren't sure how to handle them. Then one of our muticians saw them and said "I want the boobies!" After some grueling stress analysis studies on internet sites with Xena the warrior princess we came up with the concept of utilizing a bra for support. It's amazing how they really start to grow on you.

Moonstone, hippiechick and mutician was responsible for the architecture and design: I am so happy with these, you cannot imagine.

Compliance with Geneva Convention

Critics have gone before the Geneva convention claiming that the design takes unfair advantage of male hormonal states and could be considered inhumane. Dr. Darryl E. Licht countered: Look it's not our problem if these guys are falling all over themselves trying to see them. Besides the sheer look of joy on the casualties directly attributable speaks for itself. As for possible ties to blindness I have been around these things for years and anybody who knows me will tell you it simply isn't true.

It could be the last thing you ever see

Bottom line

I would seriously think twice before yelling "Show us yer tits!" It might be the last thing you ever see.

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