Femtechs, Teen Raver Barbie Clones
Femtechs - Teen Raver Barbie Clones
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The Femtech teen raver Barbie clones, from Mutech Corp. are America's greatest weapon in the WAR Against Ravers. Femtechs feature state of the art black rock edition anti spectator tactical shields and biomechanical armor with genetically altered alien, firefly, and chameleon DNA coupled with Mutel Obtanium processors for realtime fractal bioluminescent pattern generation. The state of the art industry standard architecture allows for easy field upgrading and seamless integration of disparate legacy and current systems. A stunning and intuitive graphical user interface sets an unprecedented technology breakthrough in design and functionality. Femtechs form and funtion, style and elegance are unsurpassed by any other system on the marketplace today and well into the future.

Biomechanical Technology is the process of creating living machines and integrating biological components with technology. Mutech's biomechanical armor forms the base component of all systems. This armor or monster skin, as we call it, serves as a multipurpose interface isolating the user from outside environmental concerns and preprocessing the incoming data stream to filter out unneccessary distractions. The innovative Biocore bus couples biological and machine I/O streams with Mutel Obtanium processors allowing for direct or arbitrated connection as needed. The system can instantly reconfigure from an urban industrial environment with realtime bioluminescent fractal pattern generation to full desert survival mode with the built in evironmental stabilization systems.

The TRB666 Biommek Barbie comes in a variety of hair colors and styles and is specifcally design for deep Rave infiltration and intelligence operations with self contained 5 watt Luxeon royal blue leds for wide area uv illumination, tactical image targeting sensors, and assimilation seduction systems. Biomek Barbie is designed to pass through and infiltrate any level of Rave security and integrate into their systems to allow for monitoringand network subversion. Charming and cunning Biomek Barbie with her spectacular visuals and unique personalities will leave even the most hardened candy raver begging to be assimilated. Biomek transport sold separately.

Sylvie aka Nutech was the first, and is arguably still the finest Femtech. Introducing new state of the art features such as bra blasters, long range LED antenna array with dangling data acquisition probes and illumination modules, multi spectrum hypnotic trance choker, LED finger gaseuos percussion systems with 1 watt Luxeon/o LED palm lights, and direct connect interface to the galaxy wide web. Sylvie completely altered the paradigm of assimilation into audience interaction and converting civilians into rockstars. Resistance is futile. Mutaytion... because evolution takes too long.

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