1975 Dr. Darryl Licht meets Johnny Mendex
Mutech and I meet and get together in a band called Druid's Stone. My biggest musical and visual influence at this time is Alice Cooper. Then I bought this album called Autobahn by Kraftwerk. I new then what I wanted the future of music to be. Then we saw Pink Floyd Animals tour. Just before the show started there was a brief thunderstorm and a double rainbow formed over Anaheim stadium. I have gone to every tour they did since then. And then my favorite movie ever came out. Alien.

1980 Mutech Corp, the Rockcamp and the Wall
Mutech and I discover the Rockcamp. We spend the weekend before the Wall up there listening to it on a boombox and then come down to see the concert. We the next 10 years dragging our friends and equipment out to these caves in the desert and building this crazy 40 light, battery powered light show in the caves. We would take our friends up without really telling them what all we had planned then once the champagne had cooled in the pond in the corner we would have a toast, start the boombox, set off fireworks and smoke bombs and put on this incredible light show with fireworks and glow juice coming down the walls. 23 years later it is still there undiscovered, stocked with camping gear, champagne, boombox and light show ready to plug in.

MUTECH (MUtated TECHnology) CORP. WHERE TECHNOLOGY GROWS is created. Mutech is a fictional, faceless, evil, intergalactic corporation specializing in genetic modification and bio-mechanical technology. Our business card is black with the silver Mutech logo. Mutech Corp. Where technology grows Alien Technology, Research and Development, Visual Services. We start hitting comic book and sci-fi shows selling mutated telephones and bio-mech flashing LED headbands. Some of the projects that we created or worked on were the DM6688 Scorpion Gun, a genetically altered weapon that shoots fire, bio-mech armor, Technic's Garden of Technology, a multimedia video game, the demon bear project, Mutech solves waste problem by disposing of waste in Hell, and we develop spud lights using LED's and create various types of sensors and task lights using LEDs. However we were a bit before our time. A few got and appreciated what our art was. But most of the mainstream fans of these things were puzzled or even a bit angered because we were not part of their known universe. Ironically we were doing "Borg" before "The Next Generation" was even thought of and getting crap from Trekkies for not being recognizable Star Trek characters.

1996 Burning Man
If you haven't been no matter what I say about Burning Man can adequately describe what you may experience. So without knowing any more than that Mutech told me it was like a whole lot of people doing the Rockcamp and some faxed directions that I packed Mutinator (then 6), a portable light show from the Rockcamp, and myself. We finally got there after dark and when I parked the first thing I saw when I got out of the car was a lit floor lamp moving around at random through the crowd. Finally after many years of searching I had found home.

1998 Gigsville and the Mutaytor
Even though I had finally found home I missed most of the first two Burning Mans. Even more than that I was quite depressed for having missed so much. So in 1998 I was determined to be involved and participate as much as I could. I also got Internet access and email for the first time. Through that I found Gigsville, Nate and I camp with Gigsville for the whole 10 days and I take Technics Garden of Technology as my theme camp. That was Gigsville's first year on the playa and after 10 days I had 200 new best friends. I was so inspired by it (ok that and 15 years of obsessively dragging lights and weird stuuf to the Rockcamp and playing the Wall really loud withs lights and fireworks and smoke bombs) that 6 weeks later I wrote the Last Outpost of Blackrock City (my excuse to be really weird and play the Wall really loud and play my lights). One of the first responses after dropping that bomb on the Gigsville list and fully realizing that I was quite serious was from the Mutaytor.

1999 The Last Outpost and the mutated bra
The first 8 months were spent building the Wall project. In July for Milena's 30th birthday we had a campout at Joshua Tree where the Rockcamp is. Matty brought his kit and played an incredible set as a monsterous thunderstorm broke out in every direction around us but leaving us perfectly dry. While building costumes for the Wall Milena had the idea for the first mutated bra . My favorite moment of 1999 is atop the guard tower with the Mutinator, Mutagious, and Ms. Mutech, wasted, sweeping beam lights over the playa shooting fireworks with the Wall playing full blast on the boombox screaming at people and playing my light show.

2000 Mutaytor turns civilians into rockstars
The Gigsville Tourettes, cheerleaders from Hell. Really. It all started as a big joke. You can decide who the joke was on. That was the first time I dressed up. I was pulled up on the go go plats during Mutaytor. It has become legend that long after everyone else left I was still up there dancing to the beat of a different drummer. I guess I never really came down after that. 6 weeks later I became the bride of Mutech.

2001 Rockstar Bootcamp
Matty brings me first into Insecto, then the Mutaytor. Using costumes from the Wall we develop street assaults into a fine art form. In one of favorite works of mutation I mutate the Army webpages into the Insecto ArmyBugs

2002 Teen Raver Barbie Clones
Femtechs, teen raver Barbie clones of the bride of Mutech are created. Sylvie and KJ are the first models released. There are rumors of a Lady Spacetrash model but these reports are still unconfirmed at this time.

2004 The Lunatech is in the Hall
The Lunatech is in my head
You raise the bar, you've made the grade
You re-arrange me ítill Iím sane
You light the way so that I can see
Thereís someone in my head but itís not me.


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