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Mutech is an evil, faceless, intergalactic mega corporation specializing in alien, biomechanical and mutated technology. Disinformation, election interference, fake news, lobbying, mercenary recruitment, misinformation, propaganda and visual services. TLA support for CIA, DOJ, FBI, GMOs, LOLs, LSD, MGDs, NGOs, PBRs, R&D, WMDs and LGBTQIA2s4d!FUD&*#+. 3rd world hazmat dumps, climate change, global warming and nukes R'us.

Mutech is your premier source for Woke Worldwide Domination!

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End of the World.
Film at 11:00.

Femtechs - Teen Raver Barbie Clones are the best thing Evah to happen at Mutech since we developed Black Rock Edition Anti Spectator Tactical Shields.

The cult of Blindtology - Resources for the illegally blind. After years living in the shadows Mutie is finally offically legally blind due to gyrate atrophy. Which is caused by a mutation of the OAT, Orinothene Amino Transferae gene at chromosome 10q26. And with that Mutie has a body that anorexics would die for.

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Facebook like totally SUCKS!
Long live Myspace!

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Mutech has devolved into a
wRunatic wRight Wring wRaver.

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