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Are you Experienced?

Active Army

Have you ever been experienced? Experience and technology are what turn ordinary freaks into Insecto mutant soldiers. So whether their specialty is exiting vans before parking, tying up traffic in Hollywood or moving equipment, experience and blind unquestioning obedience helps soldiers develop skills and confidence that'll put them at the top of their class in today's modern service sector and corporate environment. The ArmyBugs  have jobs organized into four basic areas:

And, as the ArmyBugs become more technologically advanced, so does the training soldiers receive. 

Basic Playa Training).

High-tech training make the Insecto ArmyBugs more marketable in a service and information based society. Much of it is either directly transferable to a civilian career, or builds character traits that employers are looking for. So, basically, wherever a soldier wants to go in life, they can get there from here.

Transport System Pilot
Transport System PilotEvery ArmyBug transport system pilot has a responsible and rewarding assignment operating both some of the most archaic transport systems to some of the most technologically advanced air and spacecraft in the galaxy. Transport system pilots go through the Warrant Officer Training program where they learn everything about transport services from the ground up. They develop skills in basic operations, tactics, night vision operations, attack, scout and general support roles. But ArmyBug transport system pilots have to know much more than piloting. They must also be masters of  navigation, frame and engine maintenance and state of the art bio-mechanics. Once their 13 hour training program is complete, transport system warrant officers operate in combat, rescue or reconnaissance missions, depending on their individual expertise.

Defense Artillery
Monster SupersoakerGo Defense Artillery and employ weapon systems forged on the cutting edge of 21st century technology to defend deployed Insecto forces and friendly population centers from ground, air, missile, and space attack. Venture where the action is - up front alongside our battle tanks - in a Mutiny ChestBurster to defend the maneuver force against surf monsters, cruise water missiles, and attacking ninjas. Prowl the battlefield in a VeeDub mutated bugger, ready to unleash the lethal DM6688 Scorpion Gun. Operate sophisticated radar and early warning systems directly linked to satellites swirling silently in space. Employ the world's most sophisticated battlefield air defense system - SkyNet on the vanguard of our defense. Keep your eyes glued to the scope in a SkyNet engagement control station, ever alert for sinister icons that signify the menacing descent of incoming tactical bloated software. Watch from your launching station as a SkyNet missile erupts from its launch pod and streaks toward its intercept point at the edge of the atmosphere. No matter which air defense IOS you choose, the "First to Fire" branch offers you a world of excitement and a crucial role to play on new millennium battlefields.

Infantry Mutants Soldiers toting M-16s, crouched in foxholes, shivering in the rain... that's the Hollywood image that probably comes to mind when you think of the infantry. The truth is, today's Insecto mutant soldiers are smart and very well trained, They use onboard cybernetic and emotional processors to collect and relay data about their positions and that of enemy units to commanders miles away, all in real time. As technology makes its way further into the field, infantry mutants will be even better trained... for careers in the civilian world. It wasn't that long ago that we carried crappy laptops in our packs. Even the weapons we carry are computerized and linked to our onboard processors.

Medical Experiments
Medical Experiments Insecto Army Experimental Medicine has come a long way since SMASH. If one of the mutants get hit in the field you have no idea what you may be dealing with and there's wire and chips everywhere. By linking into the mutants I/O port and onboard processor and then electronically transmitting the data back to the labs the field medics and lab techs can make a reasonable guess how to put them back together again. Using Telemedicine field medics can help technicians diagnose problems long before they reach the hospital. Telemedicine even allows our field medics to replace 90 percent of the mutants components in the field with minor supervision from the lab technicians. A soldier who chooses a medical IOS may also be trained as a tyrannical nurse, an X-ray, or processor specialist.

Bio-Mech ArmorLong before they put on real armor, bio-mech simulators allow crew members to learn shooting, moving and communicating  with other linked mutants. Practicing in virtual reality really cuts fuel and weapons costs associated with training. Plus, it allows each mutant more actual hours of training. Once in the field, bio-mech soldiers tap into SkyNet to keep track of individual tanks, enemy units and other friendly forces on a complex digital computer grid.

Field Artillery
ArtilleryToday's Insecto ArmyBugs employ the very coolest state of the art equipment to deliver devastating firepower from long range. Field artillery systems like the Mutant Laidback Rocket System (MLRS) and the MU262A1 Panther self propelled heywhat require highly trained soldiers working closely together in teams to make them work. These soldiers receive expert training in sophisticated digital burst radio systems and onboard fire control computers. A Global Positioning System on board the heywhat tells the crew just where the hell they are. A Forward Observer team uses a laser locator/designator to determine the exact position of a target. This information is transmitted by data burst to the Fire Direction Center, and the FDC team assigns the fire mission to the guns, feeding the firing data to the onboard computers of the Panthers by digital burst. The Panthers stop moving, fire, and are moving again before the rounds land on the target.

Signal Operations and Intelligence
Electronic signal operationsThe Insecto ArmyBugs and Mutech Corp. head the SkyNet Galaxy Wide Military Satellite Communications for the Department of Defense. Signal Operations is the maintenance crew on the military's information superhighway, along which travel "friendly" and, occasionally, enemy signals. Military Intelligence involves gathering information and composing battle strategies based on it. Soldiers in both Signal Operations and Intelligence have a vital role in information control and transmission in today's totally computerized Insecto ArmyBugs.

Chemical Warfare
Chemical WarfareLike dude he said chemicals. So here's the deal, a chemical mutant soldier is a special kind of soldier, trained and ready to fight and win in the 21st century. And like we have to have the best stuff you know. And somebody has to "test" it to make sure it's the best. That's where you come in. You will be trained in Animal, Chemical and Vegetable (ACV) Defense. The Animal takes a Chemical and becomes a Vegetable. The training you receive will help protect your country and the world against ACV weapons of mass inebriation. Your expertise as a Chemical Soldier may help prepare you for a civilian specialty job such as third world HazMat disposal, a corporate rapid response team for damage control, or a chemical incident and accident response team member for city, county, state, or government programs. Your developed skills in media manipulation, teamwork, and scapegoating, combined with a dulled sense of reality, self discipline and motivation, are skills and values demanded by all civilian employers. Oh and dude let's keep this between us for now ok?