How N.O.W. Brown Cow. TeaBagger, TeaBagger, TeaBagger HOE!

I am madder than Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

Actually I'm just MAD. Mostly. What else what you expect from a wrunatic wRight Wring wRaver?

The thing that really, really upsets me about all this is that THEY get away with it. And giggle behind their hands at what they are calling us. HaHa I get the joke. But the joke is on THEM. Because if you are not with the teabaggers then you are the teabaggee. Aside from that is there any question that Nancy Pelosi is a prime political HOE? Agree with her politics or NOT. She is scary effective. Seriously, Panty Bunching, SCARY.

The wrunatic wRight Wring wRaver wResponse is libewRals WrowRst nightmare. The TeaBagger HOE, Nasty Pig Lousy. Yeah I know. Totally juvenile. Go ahead. Mock me. Where are you going to go? At least I wear underwear. On the OUTSIDE.



TeaBagger HOE!

Put THAT into context and process it. Who is the Brown Cow N.O.W.?

Neener, neener, neener!
I'll get you my pretties.
N.O.W. and approved.
Nasty Pig Lousy
Hype and Cringe 2010

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