Service to Country

Listen to Insecto:

Substance. And Style.

Active Army

We be styling. As a soldier in the Insecto Army, you get custom, designer, dayglo uniforms, glowing LEDs and lasers. Out in the field you're outfitted with totally bitching bio mechanical living armor, radical cybernetic implants, high capacity super soakers, and enhanced tactical image targeting systems. And ladies,  hot fashions, lingerie, and dayglo camo makeup from the Army's new T&A division ensure that the battle is won without a shot being fired. Thanks to safe, proven genetic enhancement techniques you can increase your bust by one or more full cup sizes without that "implant" look. Insecto, we make being in the army look good.

Total Hotties
Army Girls
The elite and total hotties of the Insecto FireBugs Precision Ice Melting Brigade and Signal Corp are what it's all about. Not only are they killer but their fire breathing, spinning, and  fire fingers totally kill ice dead and leave enemy forces on their knees begging to be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Interesting but futile.

Sound and Vision
We don't just look good, we sound good too. And with songs that address modern issues that affect us all like "Surf Monster", the star crossed love of "Bondage Girl", stuff that is just plain wrong "Right", or the stirring melody of the "Insecto Army March". Insecto has something for everybody. Great sound and visuals that are not to be missed.