Learn more about these great ArmyBug benefits:


Active Army

Forget about the money, there's a special pride with being a mutie that you just can't buy at any price and we're giving this to you for free. And it's not just about money either, where else can you get perks like this?. Enlistees find that the Insecto ArmyBug perks kick the crap out of the junk being offered in the civilian sector. When you consider all the benefits and perks in the Insecto ArmyBugs you'll find that civilian life just can't touch it.. And Insecto mutants keep most of what they make because the ArmyBugs have "no cost" and "low cost" benefits that civilian employers can't even begin to consider.

Of course, for those with more than elementary education it's even better. Once you qualify for enlistment, the ArmyBugs may assign you a higher rank and responsibility than if you dropped out in junior high school.. Promotions come quicker, too.

Enlistment Perks
Have you priced dress costumes or rock star shirts lately? These are just some of the enlistment perks you get when you join the Insecto ArmyBugs. Once you pass basic enlistment  skills you will be issued dress costumes, bio-mech chameleon armor, LED sensors, high capacity supersoakers, press kits, and an official Insecto rock star t-shirt. Other perks are also available depending on ability and commitment.  But either way the ArmyBugs dress to kill and have the very coolest accessories. Plus we outfit you with the very latest Mutel Obtainium processors and cybernetic connections to the galaxy wide web. 

Cosmetics and Enhancements
Helthy Benefits
If you don't look good we don't look good. That's why the Insecto ArmyBugs have an extensive cosmetic program. All mutants in the field use really cool dayglo camo or glow in the dark bodypaint. With the introduction of goat DNA into the gene pool at the end of the 20th century we developed an extensive surgical and genetic enhancement center to clean up the mess and fix up some of the really ugly ones. Still we've got a few strains around that the folks over in Camp Skynyrd will appreciate.

Recreational Facilities on Risa
Nobody can resist somebody in uniform. The Insecto ArmyBugs have developed several major recreational centers such as the one on Risa pictured here. We also have facilities in the Black Rock desert and El Mirage dry lake that are used several times throughout the year as weather permits. Not to mention monthly beach burns, parties and fabulous performances at some of the trendiest night clubs in this galaxy.

Exotic Travel
One of the great benefits of service in the Insecto ArmyBugs are the great locations throughout the galaxy that are part of the normal rotation. Whether it's Hollywood CA or Rigel VII you'll be posted at many of the most exotic places that can be found.

Out of this World Discounts
As a member of the ArmyBugs you will receive substantial discounts on band merchandise, drink tickets, access to our exclusive thrift stores and the extensive recycling and sharing programs offered by Gigsville and the SINdicate. Plus you'll have access to merchandise that is not offered by any other band or branches of the service. If you're lucky you'll even be able to scrounge the technology graveyard at Mutech Corp.