The Insecto ArmyBugs

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The Insecto ArmyBugs  life and your role in it, revolve around the TEAM concept: Technology, Experience, Adventure, and Mutation. Only we do it with style. STEAM. Too hot to handle.

Join the hottest team in the world and become a member of the Insecto  ArmyBugs. We're always looking for smart, sexy, motivated soldiers and hotties. To join now click here. Need more info? Ask a question.

StyleSubstance. And style too. Far out dayglo camo, really cool glowing LEDs, and you get this bitchin bio mechanical armor too. With custom genetic enhancements and designer uniforms you'll be styling like never before.

TechnologyWe can build you better than you were before. Faster, stronger, smarter and better looking. We have the tools, we have the

ExperienceIn today's high tech world even minimum wage jobs require
experience. You'll get the experience and learn blind dedication that will put you at the top of the class in today's service industries and corporate environments.

AdventureIt's not just a job. It's an
adventure. Whether it's battling surf monsters in Hollywood or feeding a media frenzy in the ass end of space, you can't buy this kind of action at any price and we're giving it to you for free.

MutieThere’s a special pride that comes with being a
mutant. You’ll see the difference every time you're out of your cage. People look at you differently. They whisper "mutie" under their breaths.