The cult of Blindtology - Resources for the illegally blind.

Gyrate atrophy is a progressive eye disease caused by a mutation of the Ornithene Amino Transferae gene at chromosome 10q26. Many do not realize how blind they are until they are really, really blind. So after many years living in the darkness and fighting tooth and nail to retain his vision, Mutie can finally come out of the shadows to tell his story.

So yeah I really am a mutant. How cool is that? But really cataracts, night blindness and tunnel vision as a superpower? Not so much. 130,000 pages of information and duplication, not to mention competing organizations. Yikes! So first a word about blindness in general.

Functional blindness means you have no vision at all. Legally blind means you have than 20/200 corrected and/or less than 20 degrees peripheral vision which is my case. After that is low vision/high maintnance depenging on being able to drive. Or as I refer to it misdemeanor and felony illegal blindness.

There are many causes and levels of blindness that affect people in different ways ranging from complete blindness at birth, progressive eye diseases that develope over time, to age related conditions.These are mostly back of the eye problems and are the ones that lead to total blindness. Then there is the normal run of the mill front of the eye problems such as near sighted, far sighted, cross eyes, cataracts and astigmatism which can mostly be fixed. Mostly. But when THEY screw up and along with the other problems it is really messed up. And I have the cossed eyes to prove it.

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